The long-coupled pump is connected to the B5 motor type by an elastic coupling.
Positive displacement hollow disc magnetic drive pumps.

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Field of application

MHV MAG-M pumps range meets the requirements on custom-built solutions in the process industry, in the following areas:

Chemical and pharmaceutical, transfer of aggressive, highly corrosive liquids, paper, food processing, plant engineering and construction. For all industries that choose a pumping leak-free and low maintenance for use continuous (abandon of mechanical seal pumps).

Design features

Pumps of the series MHV MAG-M are Positive displacement hollow disc magnetic drive pumps.

Main features of these pumps are: self priming capability, reversible flow, and its low speed rotation. The low speed rotation fact, together with a new magnetic coupling design, allows an installed power almost identical to the traditional hollow disc pumps with mechanical seal, reducing magnetic losses to a minimum.

The hollow disc is eccentrically mounted in the rotor shaft and turns around the suction and discharge cameras separator vane.

In this way the piston is obliged to follow the trajectory around the vane and externally to the pump head, where it is pushed via an elastic device internally inserted.

A silent and reliable pumping is achieved, without vortexes nor liquid breakages, for viscous fluids even above 10000 cst.


Pump head, base and cover made of ductile cast iron. Internal components made of stainless steel.

High manufacturing precision, assures best volumetric efficiency as well as maximum reliability.

The rear shell is made of one single piece, no welding, ellipsoidal profile that has been studied to withstand higher pressures than the traditional one.

AISI 316 is the standard construction.

Operational data

  • Clockwise, seen from the
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN ACC TO DIN EN 1092-2 / PN 25-40, ANSI B 16,5 150, 300 e 600 ibs
  • 363 psi (25 bar) standard
  • From -50°C up to +200°C
  • 50 / 400 rpm
  • Up to 10 bar
  • Up to 45 mc/h