Sealless sliding vane multistage modular pump with permanent magnet drive system, no mechanical seal.

Close-coupled confi guration allows conventional drivers to be mounted directly to pump frame. No base, coupling or guards are required for this mounting.

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Field of application

V MODULAR pumps range meets the requirements on custom-built solutions in the process industry, in the following areas:

Chemical and pharmaceutical, thermoregulation circuits, ammonia and CO2 cooling systems, transfer of aggressive, highly corrosive liquids, paper, food processing, plant engineering and construction. For all industries that choose a pumping leak-free and low maintenance for use continuous (abandon of mechanical seal pumps).

Design features

Pumps of the series V MODULAR are horizontal sliding vane, volumetric pumps.

Close coupled pumps are furnished with standard motors. Leak-free back pull-out assemblies with magnetic drive meet the requirements with regard to job safety, operational reliability and environmental protection.


Magnetic drive rear casing standard materials are SS 316

Pump Casing & Cover are made in Stainless Steel 316 solid bar to obtain high quality components within strict tolerances.

Operational data

  • Counter clockwise, seen from the pump casing
  • NPT / BSP and PN 25-40 ANSI 150, 300 and 600lbs
  • 363 psi (standard) [25 bar] 2175 psi (HP version) [150 bar] (Higher pressure version available on request)
  • From - 147 °F(- 100°C) To 392 °F (+ 200°C )
  • 750/ 950 rpm
  • Up to 696 psi (48 bar)
  • Up to 8.8 gpm (2000 l/h)